Automate your web task

Our 10 years of research based products - Alertfor, Taskbloom and Rosepath

Google alert for any website, monitors new entities from any website. Launched in Sep 2018.

Search web tasking, wikipedia of search knowledge. will be launching in 2019.

Will be launching in 2020

Tell me what you want or
stay tuned for notification

wait for a while
timely things will come

no magic,
nor imagination
but the real web.

its more than searching

follow agents

be the part of better
dislike helps a lot

stay in touch or
teach me by touch

connect with social agent
your 'web age' increases

context does everything
outsource mentally challenging 'things'

novice learns
I do enhances your wisdom

kill spam
and kill your habit

I am digitally cloning you
the clone priorities life

more engage in a social life
leave the clone in the "web machine"